The Centennial Project for the children of the Adams Street Family Campus has opened to the delighted squeals and laughter on the playground.

Dignitaries from the City of Tacoma, the Tacoma Rescue Mission joined the Kiwanis Club of Tacoma in dedicating the playground and cutting the ribbon before the rush of joyful children filled the playground and romped all over the new play structure.

Kiwanis Club of Tacoma President Gary Brackett, in his dedication remarks said:

To my distinguished fellow spokespersons: Tacoma City Councilmember Keith Blocker, Tacoma Rescue Mission Executive Director Duke Paulson, Senior Director Noah Baskett, Campus Director Alison Powell, Kiwanians, and the many citizens here today, speaking for the Kiwanis Club of Tacoma, its foundation and for the Kiwanis Children’s Fund and the PNW Kiwanis Foundation, as well as individual Kiwanians and local business donors – thank you all. And to the workers and volunteers who built and assembled this playground, thanks to you all.

I’m proud to share that this playlot marks the successful  culmination of a century of service by our club and the beginning of a second century of service to the children of our community and the world. Kids need Kiwanis, so that children may be children and we may enjoy the joy they are.

Video Ribbon-cutting Kiwanis Centennial Playground