Everyone dreams of getting that new member who will take hold and give the club the leadership and the effort it needs.  This year, we’ve had several outstanding contenders to be recognized for that leadership.

In the beginning, our Kiwanian of the Year took on leadership of our resurrected Membership Committee.  And whether by the direct efforts of her committee members or by the inspiration of what they were accomplishing we ended the year with 7 new members and began the year with 2 more.

But her efforts didn’t stop there.  She’s become the most prolific of our social media authors.  Her almost weekly photo albums of our membership meetings typically bring 60-90 visits to our Facebook page every week.  They are carrying the Kiwanis message to our community.

Our sponsored Key Club of Stadium High School can hardly believe their good fortune to transition from an outstanding Kiwanis club liaison to another who inspires  and challenges key clubbers in every way.

And in case you haven’t noticed, she participated in EVERYTHING.  Please help me celebrate the Kiwanis of the Year Ruth Nelson-Wright!

In addition to a certificate, earlier this year the Board determined that instead of a plaque, the Kiwanian of the Year would have a donation in their name to a Kiwanis foundation of their choice.

Ruth Nelson-Wright displays her certificate as Kiwanian of 2019.