The Kiwanis Club of Tacoma recognized members who have achieved Legion of Honor status with their membership in Kiwanis International.

The success of Kiwanis results from the strong and active service of thousands of Kiwanis-club members. With the Legion of Honor Award, we have the privilege of recognizing Kiwanians who have been club members for 25 years or more.

A Kiwanian must have at least 25 years of Kiwanis-club membership. (The 25 years do not have to be consecutive, and they can be accumulated in more than one club.)

After recognition for 25 years of service, a member is again eligible to receive the award for 30 years, again for 35 years and so on. A member is eligible for each when he or she is within six months of the reaching that milestone.

Recent honorees were a “catch-up” so that members in the middle of service years cohorts received the recognition deserved.  Some members are on the cusp of receiving their next cohort pin.

Member                              KI Years                Join Date for Tacoma

Eugene Wiegman                   55                      August 11, 1969

Ron Hendry                             50                      September 5, 1968

Willie Stewart                          45                      September 1, 1970

John DeLoma                         45                       February 18, 1972

Brad Baker                             45                       December 2, 1974

Tom Taylor                             45                        May 15, 1972

John Graham                         40                       May 20, 1976

Doug Berglund                      40                        March 8, 1976

Richard Hawkins                   35                        November 5, 1980

Norm Bellamy                       35                        January 31, 1979

Gary Brackett                        35                        February 2, 1981

Don Arsenault                       35                        October 17, 1983

Bill Martyn                             30                        October 20, 1987

Michel Bellamy                     30                         July 27, 1987

Pete Stiles                            30                         April 1, 1978

Mike Lonergan                     30                         August 21, 1988

Dick Benedetti                      30                         April 1, 1988

Robert Kinch                        30                         July 30, 1996

Most amazing is the 55 years of service by Dr. Eugene Wiegman.  Now retired as President of Pacific Lutheran University, Gene’s service began in Atchison, Kansas, then Winfield, Kansas and Seward, Nebraska before coming to Tacoma. Gene also took several years off during his term as a Cabinet member for Gov. Dixy Lee Ray.

Gene Wiegman received his 55-year Legion of Honor Award from Kiwanis Div. 34 Lt. Gov. Dick Muri